Meals On Wheels

Craven1Whom do we serve? Meals On Wheels serves over 1500 clients in the city of Waco, McLennan, Falls and Hill counties.

Who qualifies for the program? To qualify for the program, clients must be over 60, homebound, and unable to cook nutritionally complete meals. They also should not have someone (such as a family member or home-health worker) available to cook lunch for them. Spouses and disabled dependents of clients may qualify for our services.

Who is your typical client? Most of our clients are over 80, have low-income and live alone. The majority of them are  female, and many have no local family members available to care for them.

How do I refer someone for Meals on Wheels? If you know individuals who would benefit from our services, please call, Laura Ziemer, at 254-752-0316.

Hot meals for seniors, delivered by Meals and WheelsHow does the approval process work? A member of our assessment staff will conduct a home visit to explain the program, and to complete our assessment questionnaire. Our office will notify approved applicants shortly after the interview to let them know when meal service will begin. Meals are served between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., either three or five days a week, depending on the client’s need and availability of serving sites.

What do we serve? Meals On Wheels delivers a hot lunch, meeting 1/3 of the recommended daily allowances for older adults. The meal generally consists of an entree, two servings of vegetables or fruit, dessert, milk, bread, and condiments. All meals are moderate in fat, salt, and sugar content. Diabetic meals consist of a different dessert.

Who prepares the menu? All menus are prepared by a registered dietitian.

Volunteer preparing hot meals for seniors - Meals and WheelsWho pays for the meals? The federal government funds a portion of our costs through the Older Americans Act and the USDA. The remaining meal cost is funded through client contributions, local churches, foundation grants and local donors. Clients are encouraged to contribute for each meal they receive; but no one is required to contribute, and no one is ever denied services based upon inability to contribute. We encourage recipients to give as they are able.

How can I make a donation? You can either donate online by clicking on this Donate link or you can mail your donation by check to our address at PO Box 85, Waco, Texas 76703 or you can stop by our address, and pay by credit card.

How can I volunteer? Volunteers are needed to plate and/or deliver meals to homebound elders in the city of Waco and Falls County. Contact your local Meals On Wheels office for more information on volunteer qualifications and orientation.


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Central Texas Senior Ministry aka Meals & Wheels
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